Friday, May 2, 2008

He's Amazing

My husband is just so handy! He helped me to finally have a "cool" blog. Thanks hun!

What do you all think?


3wild1sMom said...

OK so it is really cool. Ours look so sad next to this. I guess we will just have to try and live up to the standard you two set. Pretty hard for us old folks :)
It really does look great and you are right he is amazing! What a lucky girl you are

Tiffany said...

Your blog looks GREAT!!!! I love this one. He is very handy...your header is very cute. I love the pic of you peeking up in the header!!

Jill said...

This is cute! I'm a total lamer when it comes to making headers and stuff, I'm amazed with creative people (like your momma in law!).
Anyways, very cool!

Shawn Gray said...

I love you bambie!