Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I'm Being Forced

I haven't posted anything in such a long time due to facebook and myspace. I'm mostly on facebook now, but Shawn had an idea. He's made a website (finally, poor thing) for Get Real Student Ministries. He wanted all of the adult staff to make a blog and he's adding links to the website to all of our blogs. Pretty cool I thought. So anyway, that means that I must start posting things again.

Nothing really new in my life. Just the same-ol-same-ol (is that how you spell it?) playing volleyball, Ashton playing basketball, Shawn working hard, parties with friends, getting beat at nertz, Landon cracking us up daily, Ashton learning to read, me helping in Ashton's classroom occassionally, making plans to get grass on our dirty yard, listening to bumpn' music in the Get Real know the usual.

In the middle of all of this living, I'm realizing more and more that God wants more and more of me. How much more is left of me? I'm not sure. I keep catching myself red-handed stealing bits and pieces of myself back from God. I've gotten so good at it, that I hardly realize when I do it anymore. There's got to be a support group for this or something. Oh, wait, there is. And it's name is Get Real Student Ministries. I just love that guy. (If you read the Junie B. Jones book series then you are laughing right now.) Shawn's been going through the seven deadly sins. Each one is really hitting home. This week he's talking about gluttony, which will probably make me puke right on the gym floor. I'm not encouraging self purging, It's just an expression I use a lot. I'll have to let you know tomorrow what color it was. Gross I know.

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Amy Nelson said...

I responded to you on my blog. I am glad you're posting again! Yahoo! The last time you posted I was a single woman! (for one more day)