Friday, August 17, 2007

Amidst my busy schedule...God is near

My friend Joyce posted a blog the other day about how much time she spends working on her flower gardens and not enough time enjoying them. She had bought several items that were supposed to attract hummingbirds but she was frustrated because she hadn't seen one of these unique birds yet. So one day, she decided she was just going to sit outside and watch. To her amazement she discoverd that many hummingbirds were visiting her garden, but she was always just too busy to see them.

Her story really spoke to me and challenged me as well. The day after reading her post I found myself outside watering the yard and flowers. I was "trying" really hard to relax when I had a wave of stress and guilt come over me. I could hear my boys inside playing and I began to think, "what am I doing out here, I'm wasting my time. I need to be inside doing laundry and playing with them and getting ready for work." I couldn't stop thinking of all of the things that I had to do that day and of all the things that I could be in the house doing right at that moment. Then I thought, "no, I'm going to stand out here and enjoy this time of peacefullness and listen to the rythmn of the sprinkler hitting the leaves of my plants.

As an important sidenote, I must say that I have a terrible fear of flying/stinging insects. So much so that I often panic and start crying when they are around. (silly I know) But, at that time of feeling all of the sress I heard my worst fear...bbbzzzzzzzz....I looked around ducking and found that it was not a bee, but it was a hummingbird!!! I couldn't believe it. That is the only hummingbird I've EVER seen at my house!! I felt God telling me that He loved me and appreciated me loving His creation.

God really uses nature to speak to me, it's AWESOME! Honestly, it's been a while since I've sensed His presence like that. I feel as if He's drawing me near to prepare me for something. Maybe not though. Maybe He's just drawing me near to simply be near to me. I am His daughter you know.


Anonymous said...

That's what I've been discovering. Slow down. Listen. Be silent. I'm missing God in all of the busy-ness of me. There is something to be said for Sabbaths. What a great gift God has given us. We just have to choose to enjoy it.

Amy Nelson said...

Brooklyn! I love you! How's life? :)

Scott Williams said...

Hi Brooke! Merry Christmas!