Tuesday, December 19, 2006

My Offspring

My site was looking a little plain so I thought I'd add some cute kiddos to spice it up a bit :)

This would be our four-year-old Landon. (looks like Daddy)

Ashton this past summer. He's six now and in kindergarten! I can't believe it! (looks like Momma)


Joyce Collins said...

Cute pictures! Thanks for sharing!

Scott Williams said...


Scott said...

Ahh man, I'm soo glad I stumbled across your blog! Oh man, it's good to "see" and hear from you.

Side note: There is a girl that Amy (my wife) works with, who makes me think of you every time I see her. The very first time I saw her, I kept asking questions like, "Does she have a older sister?" Anyway, I think she really looks like you, so much so that i asked her if she had a sister named Brook. I was disappointed but, it was still cool.