Monday, June 9, 2008

All Alone

I officially know it's summer, because I'm at home for a week with the boys without Shawn. He's speaking at the Oklahoma District Camp. I really hate to be without him, but it always gives me a chance to do those projects I've been putting off. I'm going to make the best of it. And now that my work schedule has changed and I'm getting off at 1:00 (I know, it's not much of a work schedule) I thought I could work on my tan at the pool with the boys in the afternoon.
Last week was VBS at our church. It was a blast. My job was photographer. What fun! I got to play all night with a camera while everyone else took care of the hundreds of kids. It made for late nights and late dinners, but was worth it.
Besides the pool this week, my big highlight will be Friday night when I get to see Shawn come home and also I get to play softball at 9:00! I hope we do better than we did last time (loosing by one point is never fun). Another one of my joys will be packing, which is not a joy at all. Although, it is a whole lot better than unpacking which is on my list of things to do NEVER! Shawn gets home Friday...Saturday, we will meet his parents so they can take the boys on a week long adventure while we get ready to leave Monday for Gulf Shores for our "Engulfed Youth Camp". I am praying for safety, fun, sun, and for God to fall on the youth and that they would be challenged. Then we'll drive back to Arkansas Friday (20th) and then leave the next day to drive to Tennessee to spend a few days with the Gray Family. I am really looking forward to that time. We'll get to hang with Shawn's sister and her family who will be moving to Orlando very soon to a brand new ministry position. We are all excited for them and are praying for them to have a smooooooth transition.
That's pretty much me in a nutshell lately. Love to you all!


Anonymous said...

You sound like me when Scott would leave and could go with him. I feeling for you! I hope your camp goes well and you have a marvelous time in Tennessee. Miss ya!

Tiffany said...

YEAH!! I am so excited to see all of you guys. Jada and Sky are so excited and have been asking everyday, "how many days until they are here!" I am at the library right now to check the takes way too long with dial up at moms!! Love you and can't wait to give you a bug hug!!